how to disable facebook 360 panorama upload easy trick

Disable Facebook 360 Panoramas with this Simple Trick

I used to be able to upload panorama images in horizontal format to my Facebook Page and they would be displayed in that manner. Now, depending on the camera model and other factors, Facebook is taking uploaded images and displaying them in 360 format.

As an artist, I hate this feature. I want my panoramas to be displayed as intended. The new 360 format only displays a square portion of my photo which requires people to drag or swipe around to see the rest of the scene.

Even worse, people just casually scrolling through their news feed might not even realize what they are missing. Facebook 360 automatically crops panoramas, only showing the very center square of the photo.

facebook 360 view does not show full image in news feed

Currently, there is also no button or option available to disable Facebook 360 and view the image as a whole.

Obviously not just any image will be considered a 360 photograph, so what’s the secret to disable Facebook 360?

The new 360 photoview uses EXIF metadata to detect if your picture was taken with a “360 Camera”, and at the moment there is no way to disable this feature. The most simple workaround is to save your image in a file format that doesn’t support metadata, such as a .PNG file.

Disable Facebook 360 Panoramas with this Simple Trick:

I’ve included a step by step below for Windows and Mac users that doesn’t require any special software.

Windows Users:

  1. Open the JPG panoramaic photo in Paint
  2. Select File > Save As… from the menu bar
  3. Choose .PNG from the Save as type drop down menu and click save
  4. Upload the PNG photo to Facebook

Mac Users:

  1. Open the JPG panoramic photo in Preview
  2. Select File > Export… from the menu bar
  3. Change the Format to PNG and click Save
  4. Upload the PNG photo to Facebook

Note: If PNG is not an option, Facebook also supports .BMP, .GIF, and .TIFF files. Be aware that these uncompressed file formats may take a really long time to upload compared to JPGs.

How to Preserve .JPG format with Lightroom

If you’d still like to upload your pictures in JPG format, there is a simple Export setting in Lightroom that will do the trick. Check “Minimize Embedded Metadata” when exporting JPG files to strip the export of all its camera EXIF data. This photo should now be displayed in full horizontal format after uploading to Facebook.

check minimize embedded metadata when exporting in lightroom to disable facebook 360 image uploads

camera exif data jpg before and after using minimize embedded metadata in adobe lightroom

Which cameras will upload 360 photos to Facebook?

You need to use the camera app on your device to take a panorama photo. That’s it. Anything newer than an iPhone 4S, Galaxy S5, or Galaxy Note 3 will work with the new Facebook feature. Owners of a non-Samsung Android device can use the Google Camera app to create 360 degree panoramic photos.

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  • Dawid Roux

    Make a screenshot on your phone and post on fb. Problem solved.